What will happen to your children if something happens to you?
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Did you know that your children could wind up in foster care if something happens to you? 

Do you want to ensure that your wishes for the care of your children are heard no matter what? 

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What happens if you don't have your affairs in order?
Everybody has an estate plan.  Either you create it for yourself or the state creates it for you.  The difference is the state doesn't care about the quality of your relationships or your personal wishes.  Your children could wind up with strangers and your assets could be depleted by court costs and fees.  The best person to plan your legacy is you!  Let us show you how. 
Who Are We?
Here at Davis Law Group, LLC,we help individuals and families create plans for their lives and legacy that ensures their loved ones and assets are protected.  It's not just about the documents.  Our goal is to ensure that your legacy is protected and established for generations to come.

Ada A. Davis, Esq. has been representing clients for more than 15 years. First at large New York law firms, and now in her own practice which she opened so that she could counsel, advocate for, and teach her clients how to protect themselves or she deserves.